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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Day of Rest
Make up any day you missed

We all love to dine out. Here are some simple steps to make staying In The Zone easier when you're at a restaurant.

Zone Rules for Dining Out

• Never eat the rolls. If you're going to eat carbohydrates, save it for dessert.
• Always choose a low-fat protein entrée and ask to replace any starches or grains with extra vegetables.
• While waiting for dinner, have a glass of water.
• If the low-fat protein you order is significantly greater than the size of your palm, take the excess home.
• Determine whether the carbohydrates on your plate are favorable or unfavorable. If you're eating favorable carbohydrates, have double the volume of carbohydrates compared to the protein portion.
• If dining out is not complete without dessert, then don't eat any carbohydrates during the meal. Order whatever you want for dessert, but eat only half. See Zone recommendations for specific restaurants.

When you're not dining out, and you're too tired to prepare a meal yourself, the Zone can help. Try some of our great products:Zone Bars Delicious Dr. Sears Zone Bars are a great way to deliver Freedom from Hunger for up to three hours while keeping key hormones (Insulin, Glucagon, and Eicosanoids) in a favorable Zone for wellness and weight management. Specially formulated to complement the Zone Lifestyle, the Zone Bar is a revolutionary food product that combines great taste with our Controlled Release Nutrition™ technology to stabilize blood sugar and conserve calories throughout the day.

Courtesy of Zone Labs, Inc
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