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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Burpee 101



Row 250m

Back Extension

Tire Flipping

*the entire WOD is dependent on group #1 with the row. After the 250m are complete then everyone switches stations

Burpee 101

It is unfortunate that many "self-appointed" fitness gurus deceive the public with expensive, ineffective gadgets and gimmicks. A quick browse of the Internet will lead you to many sites offering "miracle" solutions to fat loss and fitness.

Unfortunately, this nonsense is not confined to the Internet. Each month we can browse the magazine rack at our local bookstore and find a dozen or more fitness magazines all claiming to contain the secret to strength and six-pack abs.

These magazines are loaded with repackaged routines and exercises. Their authors are often guilty of overcomplicating the training process.

By overcomplicating the process, gurus gain control over the public. Many athletes are left lost and confused when scouring through each month's new "training breakthrough". It gets expensive trying to keep up with each magazine and training gadget.

And what about the late night infomercials? For three monthly payments of $29.95 you can unlock the secrets to miracle fat loss and fitness...

Ahh!! These con artists make me sick to my stomach. If you are equally disgusted, I have the perfect solution. Forget about all the gimmicks and enter the world of burpee conditioning.

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