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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Want a Good Core Work Out?

As a Personal Trainer I use Gymnastic/Fitness rings with all my clients no matter their fitness level. My friend and I wanted to introduce Gymnastic/Fitness rings to our workouts but we didn't want to pay face value ($80-$150), so we made our own. They worked so well, we started making rings for our friends. Now, we want to offer them to you, so that you can use them to enhance your workouts.

Rings are a great tool for Functional Training. Functional training is simply training for daily activity movements, using multiple joints and muscle groups. Functional training is important because it helps prevent injury and gives you a full-body workout. If you're looking for a tool to enhance your training regimen or your clients' training regimens then Rings are the answer. What's the benefit of standing bicep curls over a horizontal chin-up? Answer: Nothing!

Exercise example(s): pull-ups, dips, push-ups, horizontal pull-ups, decline push-ups, elevated dips, etc.

To order you own "Homemade Gymnastic/Fitness Rings" call: 206.930.8411 or email:

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