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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Important Event Dates

August 22nd @ 11amMonthly Hike at Rattle Snake Ridge.

If you are new to FBF and you have not hiked Rattle Snake Ridge with us yet, but if you are not new this was our first hike of the year. It's is 2 miles up and 2 miles down. Very fun and enjoyable. There is a lake so we can all have a picnic at the end of the hike if you would like.

August 29th @ 11am, Open House at the NEW Fitness Lab

3410 Stone Way NSeattle, WA 98103

*behind the kite shop/subway sandwiches on the corner.

There are 4 parking spaces in the front of the studio, additional street parking and pay parking available At OPEN HOUSE we will do our meet and greet and take those before and after photos along with measuring our body fat calipers and tape. Invite your friends to be a part of what you are doing right now and share with them the fitness you are achieving. Invite some guys to workout and see if they can hang with you ladies. As I said in the beginning of my program, "your workout will be as hard you make it!" Corey's a perfect example, he's in incredible shape and he is about to collapse each time. So, get those guys you know out of the "wood works" and help them get their fitness back or continue it. My program is unlike any program they have experienced. That I am sure of.

August 31st @ 7pm, End of the month BBQ @ Wallingford Park (after the 6pm class)

Get into your street clothes and see if we can recognize each other. This is a great time to sit down, eat and have conversation with the people you sweat with along with meeting new people who are doing the same workouts just at a different time of the day. Bring a favorite dish of yours or simply bring something you know others will enjoy. I don't have any specific requirement, as long as it's awesome! Ok, so there it is, all the dates that you need to know. Again thank you for all the hard work and dedication! I'm excited to see you on Wednesday. If you know a friend who may enjoy Fit by Focus please feel free to Forward this email to them.

DON'T FORGET..............ALL Friday's are Friend Friday!!!


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